Friday, March 16, 2007

What kind of traveler are you?

I love to travel. But I also love having a home base, which for me is Essex County, New Jersey. I have a balance between living in a certain place for about 90% of my life, but also venturing out into the world, seeing how other people live, pretending for a few days or weeks that I live there too - and then returning to home base where my friends and family await.

My husband (fondly known as DH, for Dear Husband, not Designated Hitter as he likes to say) and I think alike when it comes to travel. We both like the same kinds of places (not the most expensive but we're not talking youth hostels here either).

We like authentic restaurants where the locals eat, not the fancy places that are tourist destinations.

We like to plan our own trips, and we like to go back more than once to really get the flavor of a place. You don't really understand a people or a culture by visiting museums and running from "must see" locale to "must see" locale. What we like is to go back to a place we've been to at least twice before, and feel as if we don't "have" to go anywhere in particular. It doesn't mean we won't seek out some lesser known museum or sight that we haven't seen before, but we feel we have the leisure to really enjoy the place. One of our favorite things to do in Paris is just sit at an outdoor cafe with a glass of wine or a cup of espresso and watch the crowds go by.

We like cities, or at least towns. Although we have done our share of driving on deserted roads through beautiful countryside, and we like that, we like having a destination at the end of the day that has good food and a good pub to relax in.

We don't do camping or major hiking. We are middle-aged Baby Boomers who are not in particularly good shape but can walk for a few miles on flat surfaces as needed. We don't bungee jump and we don't ski. If you are like us and just enjoy seeing great scenery, learning about the history and culture of other places, enjoy eating great food and frequenting cozy pubs, then this blog is for you.

If you are looking for information on how to climb Mt. Everest (I've never understood why anyone would want to) or hiking into the Grand Canyon, please, go somewhere else. If you are looking for a recommendation for a nice, safe, pre-booked tour with all meals included, this is not for you either.

We are the original Frommer travelers. We tend to like what the Frommer guides like, little gems of restaurants, eclectic places to stay, cozy, small scale things. We love discovering really great places that are a good value. Anyone can find a great place to stay that is a big splurge. We like finding unique, wonderful places that are still reasonably priced.

We haven't been everywhere. But any place I write about here will be somewhere we have actually visited so you'll know I'm not just making things up.

We've always wanted to start a travel newsletter and now that the Age of the Blog has arrived, this seems like a good opportunity. I have two other blogs, a personal blog and a blog about medical subjects. If you're interested in either, I've provided the links in my link list (Mauigirl's Meanderings and Medicana).

My first post will be about Maui, Hawaii, since we have been there many times and it seemed like the right place to start.


RUTH said...

Popped in quickly to say "Welcome" to your new blog.
p.s. I have no desire to climb Mt Everest so this is the right place for me to visit!

Icarus said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the fruits of your travels. I'm wondering on how you came to be in Adelaide too.......Good luck with the new blog. You'll need quite a store-house of trips, no? Or there's a lot already in the bag?

Mauigirl52 said...

Hi to you both! I have started an entry but have not had time to finish it yet. Decided to change my first topic to Maui, Hawaii, as we've been there more often so have more to say about where to stay, etc.

Adelaide is a great town, we've visited it twice before(we have friend who lives there) and most recently my husband had a business trip there so I joined him!

Must Be That Girl said...

Hawaii is really beautiful. I live in an island city also (Cebu, Philippines), and I love my place, but I do admit, Hawaii is indeed beautiful. You have quite an interesting and detailed article. I will look forward to your other articles. Regards.